“Imposter Syndrome” is the experience of feeling like a phony – you feel as though at any moment you are going go t be found out as a fraud. This has quickly become a buzzword for lack of self-confidence among female leaders.

  • What are the causes of Imposter Syndrome?
  • Why should women quickly remove it from their vocabulary?
  • How can they build self-confidence to be successful in leadership roles?

This session provides answers as to why leaning into Imposter Syndrome is a barrier to female success in the workplace and provides practical guidance on how women can overcome self-doubt and build confidence in their careers.


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    Seville Marquez

    Senior Transportation Quality Management Leader

    Seville Marquez is a Senior Transportation Quality Management Leader with Amazon where she supports national transportation teams in CDL operations, trailer yard and line haul management. Seville assumed position as the first President of Women @ Transportation, an Affinity Group established at Amazon in 2021 to further the attraction, advancement and retention of females to the transportation industry. For 12 years, Seville has contributed to diverse transportation roles at multinational companies including Nestle-Purina, Conagra and Harley Davidson prior to joining Amazon in 2017. While her expertise ranges from carrier management to logistical supply chain, Seville is most passionate about mentoring of women and underrepresented minorities. Outside of work, Seville loves hiking trails in the Texas Hill Country with her Husband and three fur babies.