A key for turning leads into opportunities is the ability to communicate effectively. Your ability to sell anything is dependent upon establishing trust, rapport, and credibility. In practice, this involves replacing a sales pitch with developing a human connection. By practicing great questioning techniques and asking the right questions, you demonstrate how much you care about a buyer’s needs, wants, and outcomes.

Attend this session and you will learn:

  • Why it is worth the effort to prepare to ask better questions
  • Ways to become an expert around these four types of questions
  • How to reverse engineer the customer buying process to improve your win rate
  • The art of crafting questions tailored to your sales situation
  • Ways to leverage active listening as an integral part of your response


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    Marilyn Janas


    With a passion for empowering business leaders and their teams to achieve optimum success and drive profit, Marilyn partners with and provides resources for CEO’s and Executive Leadership to develop strategy, and up-level the skill set for both professional managers and sales teams to enhance productivity. She demonstrates a confident, diligent, and focused approach to create customized and relevant content and is committed to deliver programs that empower professionals to improve efficiencies, grow their individual business units, lead teams to achieve their highest potential to create a positive impact on the organization’s bottom line. Marilyn holds an MBA from the University of Kansas and an MA-Career and Technical Education, California State University and is VSA (ValueSelling Associates) and OMG (Objective Management Group) Certified.