Misclassification is a pain point in a variety of industries, especially those that utilize owner-operator workforces. Everyone knows they want to avoid a misclassification claim, but few understand exactly what that means. The term “misclassification” represents a broad spectrum of legal woes. It might include workers’ compensation claims, unemployment claims, civil action claims, Department of Labor claims, and many other types of claims at various levels of government. Differences in state and federal laws further complicate the issue.

Openforce CEO Wendy Greenland will provide a blueprint for jumpstarting risk mitigation. She will discuss the types of misclassification claims and how they affect owner-operator workforces. You will also receive information on how such claims are changing based on a regulatory and economic landscape that is shifting because of AB5, the ABC test, COVID-19 and more.

Attend this session to:

  • Explain the complex nature of “misclassification” and its broad spectrum of legal woes.
  • Learn how to implement a comprehensive strategy that strengthens your business model against the most common claims for your industry.
  • Identify the early effects of COVID-19 and how to be better prepared during uncertain times.

Presented by Wendy Greenland, CEO and Deborah Stevens, CCO of Openforce


Wendy Greenland, CEO of Openforce, brings more than 25 years of experience with her to the company. Her experience and leadership have been focused on developing and delivering technology-driven business services and solutions, providing outstanding client service, and driving profitable revenue growth. Within the Openforce, she drives the mission of the organization and creates a standard of quality in order to provide best-in-class products and services to our contractors and clients. That includes client onboarding, IC onboarding, settlements, and ongoing client and IC support.

Prior to Openforce, Greenland spent 25 years in technology companies and most recently was the COO at InfinityHR. At InfinityHR, she was responsible for developing and delivering technology-driven client service operations and partner strategies and enablement services. She led InfinityHR’s efforts to deliver exceptional HRIS operational services to thousands of clients. Delivered in a cloud-based benefits and payroll platform, InfinityHR connected with hundreds of benefits insurance carriers through electronic data interchange (EDI) and had integration points for payroll and hire to retire employee human capital management.

Greenland holds an MBA from GCU and is a certified master trainer with the Miller Heiman Group. She works closely with the ASU Fulton College of Engineering staff as a speaker and mentor of engineering students and young women in STEM. She also sits on the Board of Directors for the Alliance of Technology and Women (ATW) and is on the GCU Technology Advisory Council.


Deborah Stevens is a leading authority on managing contingent workforces and creating legally defensible work environments. As Chief Compliance Officer at Openforce, she is responsible for overseeing the independent contractor compliance efforts and the Risk Management team. With a proven track record of quality-focused leadership in the transportation industry, she has come full circle in the legal arena, from serving as a paralegal in the U.S. Air Force managing contract law efforts to spending the last 15 years dedicated to 1099 workforce compliance and defense.

Most recently, Stevens was the Vice President of Quality Assurance for OnTrac Logistics. Her primary responsibility was managing and defending all aspects of the independent contractor model program. She created and implemented all of the tools, training, and resources necessary to ensure the company and its employees ran the contractor program in a legally defensible manner.

Additionally, Deborah developed the contracting process from inception with the help of outside counsel to implementation of the onboarding process with IC business partners, as well as the monitoring of contractor compliance. In her role, she represented the company in hundreds of depositions, misclassification hearings, settlement conferences, lawsuits and small claims hearings as a company representative and witness.

With over 20 years’ experience in developing and presenting training materials on various risk mitigation topics, Stevens provides Openforce and its partners with improved knowledge on contractor compliance efforts and ensures all stakeholders are up to date on the ever-changing contractor legal environment.