In the midst of a new regulatory environment and fierce competition for drivers, recruiters must look for new ways to find, attract, and retain more qualified candidates – all while focused on maintaining compliance and safety. Women make up over 50% of the entire US workforce, but they only account for 8% of professional drivers. This highlights an amazing opportunity for CDL driver recruiters to fill the gaps in recruiting and focus on an untapped audience of qualified, skilled applicants. In this session, we will take a detailed look at why recruiting managers should start training recruiters in sales techniques and processes, and how this sales mentality can help hire and retain more qualified drivers – regardless of gender.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Implement industry changes that have made a sales-driven recruiting mentality a necessity
  • Adopt traditional sales processes in your recruiting workflows
  • Foster relationships with women drivers and address specific pain points in the conversation
  • Build and maintain a sales-focused recruiting team that maintains compliance and regulatory standards

Presented by Wendy Bartz, Director of Recruiting Services, DriverReach; Jeremy Reymer, Founder and CEO, DriverReach


As the Director of Recruiting Services for DriverReach, Wendy Bartz enjoys the daily challenge of recruiting professional drivers. Since beginning her transportation career in 1997, she’s held a variety of positions including coordinating student driver training to executive leadership of driver recruiting efforts. That broad experience over 20 years taught Wendy how to tailor marketing efforts to highlight the value in a carrier’s job openings, which has translated into a proven track record of successfully driving capacity goals at both large and small carriers. Wendy leads the Recruiting Services from a foundation of practical knowledge, diverse experience, and continuing education and process refinement, spearheading dynamic efforts to successfully recruit and qualify drivers.


As Founder and CEO of DriverReach, Jeremy Reymer is passionate and innovative in addressing today’s challenges with recruiting CDL drivers. Jeremy brings over 15 years of experience in the trucking industry as both a carrier and a vendor, having led a small truckload operation as well as a regional CDL driver staffing company. As a member of ATA’s Workforce Development Committee and ATRI’s Research Advisory Committee, Jeremy is devoted to solving the industry’s greatest challenges. In 2016, Jeremy founded DriverReach, a modern driver recruiting management solution, to address the ongoing driver shortage.

Tracks: HR/Talent Management | Sales & Marketing | Safety & Compliance