Male pattern blandness: When any group (e.g. a conference panel, a list of nominees for a major award, a gathering of congresspeople) lacks any gender diversity, thus lacking any flavor. ~ Lily Lines

The trucking industry knows that diversity is its future, but is facing the challenge of how to implement the necessary changes to get there. WIT is introducing the D&I Index, a new program that will promote and share what carriers are doing to support and expand the needs of our evolving workforce. This session will identify gaps in the status quo, and explain how the Index will help to identify best practices to help other organizations to remove the blandness and add the flavor that helps improve decision making, and encourages creativity and innovation. Participants will be given an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback throughout the session to make the program as comprehensive as possible.

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Presented by Mark Murrell & Jane Jazrawy, Co-Founders, CarriersEdge

Mark Murrell & Jane Jazrawy are co-founders of CarriersEdge, and creators of the Best Fleets to Drive For program. Having worked together more than 20 years, at 4 different companies, the pair have delivered education and performance improvement solutions to more than 2 million people at companies around the world, in industry sectors as diverse as transportation, mining, manufacturing, finance, hi-tech, retail, and government services. With the launch of CarriersEdge in 2005, and Best Fleets to Drive For in 2008, Murrell and Jazrawy have focused on helping North American trucking companies improve the overall quality of their drivers and both are active writers, speakers, and industry advocates.