This interactive presentation will address the transition of our industry into a world reliant heavily on technology, automation, and a growing remote workforce.  As we evolve into an interconnected industry, we must consider the ramifications and integration of individuals, drivers, and organizations who are not physically present in the same space. A new need and challenge have arisen to be as connected as possible to those who are physically distant. How do you build remote teams to feel connected and integrated into your HQ culture? A remote workforce consists of two distinct populations in the trucking industry; drivers and our remote employees, who work collaboratively with in-house office personnel.  We will examine these remote interactions to explore ways to bridge the gap and maintain engagement and connection with all involved in your company and business.  Disconnectedness can occur when people work externally or spend their time over the road. We will discuss ways to evolve the remote culture to have an impact for employees and drivers in overall performance and engagement.

Participants who attend this session will learn to:

  • Pair remote employees and drivers with those in similar roles at HQ: utilizing mentorship, partnership, and team building programs and goals
  • Explore assessment and engagement methods with remote staff: how do you measure performance and offer remote training opportunities
  • Create engagement and establish a culture that extends beyond Headquarters and the office environment.

Presented by Eileen Dabrowski, Director of Learning & Development, ReedTMS Logistics; Michelle Wiggins, Strategic Account Manager, ReedTMS Logistics


Eileen Dabrowski is a PhD Candidate from the University of South Florida with a concentration in Curriculum & Instruction. Her Master’s is in Women & Gender Studies and she currently serves as the Director of Learning & Development for ReedTMS Logistics, an asset-based 3rd party logistics solutions provider headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Eileen has been in the transportation/logistics industry since 2016. She oversees the development of company-wide training initiatives, leadership development, curriculum development, marketing, and the facilitation of all training content and professional development for ReedTMS employees. Outside of work, Eileen, her wife, and 4 dogs live in Tampa, Florida and enjoy traveling, staying active, and volunteering in the community. Her favorite charities include local animal shelters and rescues, providing professional skills training and clothing to young women in need, and feeding the local community. As a former Victim Advocate and Crisis Counselor, Eileen has a passion for working with women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and victims of crime and violence.


Michelle Wiggins graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, emphasis in Marketing Management. She has been in the transportation/logistics industry for 16+ years, working in a myriad of capacities throughout her tenure including Procurement, Account Management, Sales, Management, and Leadership. Michelle has been working in a remote environment since 2017 and joined the ReedTMS team in early 2020 as the Strategic Account Manager. She lives in southern California with her husband, two children and dog. Michelle enjoys staying active and healthy, spending time with family, and friends and believes in giving back to the community. She works to fundraise and feed the less fortunate, setting up events for the elderly, and supporting local animal shelters.

Tracks: Leadership | HR/Talent Management | Operations | Sales & Marketing