2019 Conference Sessions

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The 2019 Accelerate! Conference & Expo will be packed with 60+ sessions, designed to fall under one or more of these four Educational Tracks: Leadership, HR/Talent Management, Operations, and Sales & Marketing. Here are just a few of the sessions that have been confirmed - check back shortly for a final list of sessions and content:

Pre-Conference Activities
Ask the Expert Panel Discussions
Professional & Personal Development
HR/Talent Management
Marketing & Sales


Workshop: 5 Things to Do to Match Your Career to Your Ambition
Learn 5 practical ways women can improve their chances of being considered for top positions and improve their confidence to match their ambition.

Gutsy, Explicit, Minimum Self-Defense
Learn how to transform self-doubt and fear into courage and adrenalin-laced strength on command.

Helping Women Stand Out and Move Up
Learn how to leverage criticism and failure to improve; and understand how personality, communication styles and the different generations impact internal and external customer service.

Facility Tour: Peterbilt Plant in Denton, TX
See an impressive, state-of-the art manufacturing facility producing the best Class 8 trucks in the industry, featuring the iconic Model 579.



Ted Talks: Navigating Your Career With Intent While Creating Value for Your Company
Hear inspirational stories from three professional women who have effectively steered their personal and professional passions into rewarding, successful careers.

Walking on the Glass Floor
Judy Hoberman, President of “Walking on the Glass Floor” and “Selling in a Skirt,” shares essential insights about gender differences and how to embrace and use those differences as assets—with her signature style and sense of humor.



How Remarkable Women Unleash Their Leadership Potential
Finalists of the 2019 Influential Woman in Trucking Award will share their success stories and how they rose to the top of their career.

Voice of the Driver: Life on the Road
Hear first-hand from professional drivers with private and for-hire fleets who will share their stories, what makes them love their jobs, and the obstacles and challenges they face on the road (and in life).

Driver Health & Wellness: Challenges, Solutions
Expert panelists will discuss the most common driver health issues; health and wellness challenges that drivers experience; and solutions to help drivers live a healthier lifestyle on the road.

Reframing Your Value Proposition and Operations: Attracting and Retaining Female Drivers
Learn common recruiting mistakes, how to attract and hire more drivers, and minimize driver turnover. Plus see a successful ad campaign for female drivers. 

New Technology That’s Revolutionizing Trucking
Expert panelists will discuss autonomous and electric vehicles, platooning, big data, and integrated technology.

Tips & Success Stories from Females in the Male-Dominated Trucking Field
Listen to experienced female trucking litigators share their personal stories and learn tips on how to use inherent “female” traits to break into and succeed in the trucking industry (whether as drivers, motor carriers, brokers, insurers, or employers).



Using the 4 Communication Styles To Gain Connection, Skyrocket Confidence and Reduce Conflict
Understand the impact your communication style has on the impression others form of you, and how to work with people whose communication style is different than your own.

Activate Your Inner Wonder Woman
Identify your personal strengths, character qualities and talents; and create an individual action plan to use your superpowers to improve relationships, work habits and productivity.

How Women Blast Past the Competition and Their Own False Barriers
Learn work habits and behaviors that hold back your career; how to make changes and learn new habits; and identify an accountability partner.

Trusting Your Voice: Sort through the Clutter and Discover Clarity, Confidence, Direction
Learn how to rid yourself of beliefs and half-truths that are stifling success, and how to create and implement an essential vision into your life and career.

Unconscious Gender Bias in the Workplace: What It Is, How to Address It
Learn how to identify, understand, and address unconscious gender bias; and take away a go-forward plan to meet your own corporate and individual development objectives.

The Extraordinary You in Trucking
Learn how to identify the mindset that holds you back; unlock the belief that empowers your success; and switch from fear-based thinking to empowerment-based thinking.

Stay Locked Into What Matters Most
Learn how successful people stay focused on the right tasks that move their business and life forward; and learn how to incorporate that focus and accountability into your life and career.


Zap the Gap: Generational Differences Reexamined
Learn how to build multi-generational effective relationships, recognize and understand the difference in each generation, and find ways to communicate and work together to create a more productive workplace. 

Independent Contractor Workforces: What You Need to Know About Misclassification
Understand worker misclassification, what’s important for companies to know and look out for—and tips to help avoid misclassification issues.

Transportation: Staffing the Future!
Learn how Stoops Freightliner-Quality Trailer is taking a new, innovative approach to attracting and training a diversified workforce.

Shifting Gears: Trends/Best Practices in the New Age of Recruiting
Learn the latest trends in truck driver recruitment from labor market experts at Indeed.com, and how companies are creatively growing and engaging the candidate pool of these hart-to-fill roles.

Driver Wages: Can the Industry Afford Not to Transition to a Guaranteed Pay Model?
Hear from the industry expert in driver wages about a structural pay change that is emerging in response to persistently high turnover and a shrinking qualified driver pool. 

How to Manage and Engage Millennials
Learn the facts on millennials, how to influence and connect with them, and effective ways to manage and engage this key demographic group.

Challenges in Employment Law and Gender Issues
Learn the most important laws and regulations that have an impact on transportation – ranging from compensation, workplace safety and health and workers’ compensation to employee protection and gender-related issues.

Ally Skills: Engaging Men in Gender-Equality
Learn how to be a better ally, and how to identify, engage, and create male allies in our mission of gender equality. 


Creating the Inclusive Company Brand
Learn how to create opportunities for diverse involvement in company initiatives including employee on-boarding, training and marketing; and tips to easily promote inclusivity and enhance employee satisfaction and retention.

CRM Selection: The Right Fit for Your Enterprise
Understand the capabilities of a CRM system, the differences between software selections, and questions to ask your future provider.

Mastering Video to Win Attention, Trust, Engagement, Business
In 2019, video is by far the most powerful way to win attention and win trust for your business. Learn the correct way to allocate your video budget so that you generate needed results.



Driver Perks to Driver First: The Evolution of Shipper Choice
Learn about technology’s impact on the evolution of Shipper of Choice – covering the origins of the phrase and the current relationship between Shipper of Choice, profitability, and the growing autonomy of carriers and their drivers.

How Shippers and Carriers Can Make Their Networks Safer
Learn how data and technology can help you select safer transportation partners and automate ongoing compliance checks.

Background Screening: Notable Trends & Future Predictions
Learn what’s trending in the background screening industry, including issues involving enforcement activity, litigation, and drug testing and workplace policies.

How to Combat Distraction and Drowsiness
This “train the trainer” session will teach you ways to cope with drowsy or distracted driving and become a better driver.

Using Technology to Effectively Grow and Manage Your Business
Learn best practices for leveraging technology to achieve a competitive advantage.

Don’t Cut and Paste: Best Practices in Contracts
Join expert transportation attorneys who have experienced the best—and the worst—of transportation contracts.



Unleash Your Leadership Potential
Learn the common unconscious biases many women have about themselves; how to recognize and reframe assumptions that might be holding them back; and how to reframe their self-limiting behaviors to propel their career forward.

No Woman Left Behind: The Mentor Factor
Learn a practical framework for mentoring relationships, strategies on how to offer feedback and navigate challenging situations and the overall benefits to all parties involved. 

Best Practices in Leadership Development: Peterbilt & PACCAR
Learn how a leading company in trucking has developed strategies that develop future leaders.

Amazon - Transportation Reimagined
Walk away from this presentation ready to begin reimagining the way your teams deliver results for your business while simultaneously delighting your customers.

Learning Labs
Conference attendees will have the opportunity to quickly learn practical tips and best practices during these 25-minute sessions in three categories: Health, Safety, and Sales & Marketing.

Interactive Roundtable Discussions
Network with peers and subject matter experts who share common interests on a specific topic. During facilitated group conversations, you’ll discuss opportunities, challenges, and best practices and learn from what others are doing successfully with their organizations. Choose from over 30 topics or dialogue with professionals in similar roles.    

Accelerate! Truck & Technology Tour
See amazing new features in tractors, ranging from platooning trucks and microturbine-electric hybrid drive systems to emission-reduction and 360-degree technology. The latest from industry leaders will be on display during this unique truck tour.