2019 Conference Sessions

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The 2019 Accelerate! Conference & Expo will be packed with 60+ sessions, designed to fall under one or more of these four Educational Tracks: Leadership, HR/Talent Management, Operations, and Sales & Marketing. Here are just a few of the sessions that have been confirmed - check back shortly for a final list of sessions and content:

Tips & Success Stories from Females in the Male-Dominated Trucking Field
Listen to experienced female trucking litigators share their personal stories and journeys in this male-dominated industry. Learn tips on how females can utilize their inherent “female” traits to break into and succeed in the trucking industry (whether as drivers, motor carriers, brokers, insurers, or employers). > Details

How to Improve the Driver Experience at Shipping Facilities
When both female and male drivers have positive experiences at shipping facilities, carriers have an easier time retaining them— and shippers get trucks for a better price. Kristen Forecki, Vice President of Operations for Convoy, will teach how to define potential problems, get the data you need to make your case to the shipper, and how to convince the shipper to make a change—and come to the table with solutions. Shippers will learn things you can do to get ahead of these problems and become a "preferred shipper." > Details

Zap the Gap: Generational Differences Reexamined
Today, five distinct generations (Traditionals, Boomers, Xers, Millennials and Linksters) work side by side. With differing values and seemingly incompatible views on how the workplace should function, these generations can stir up conflict, turnover, the lack of engagement, and frustration. Author, trainer and consultant Meagan Johnson teaches how each generation developed its values and how these creep into the workplace. Walk away with a clear understanding of how to build multi-generational effective relationships, recognize and understand the difference in each generation, and find ways to communicate and work together to create a more productive workplace. > Details

Key Drivers and Concerns of Owner/Operators in 2019
Owner/Operators constitute a critical element of professional drivers. A comprehensive survey of 250 owner/operators with fleets of 1-4 and 5-30 trucks uncovers new findings around recruiting & retention of drivers, administration and business management and understanding the cost of doing business. Milena Kodde, VP Senior Marketing Manager – North America at Bibby Financial Services will answer such questions as: What are the top 3 opportunities for their business? What do they consider as the biggest threat to their business growth? What keeps them up at night? What's the driver shortage impact on US businesses and affect on economy? What penalties or fines have the largest impact on business (late deliveries, unpaid invoices, not having the correct deliver paperwork, etc.) > Details

No Woman Left Behind: The Mentor Factor
This session will provide a practical framework for mentoring relationships, strategies on how to offer feedback and navigate challenging situations and the overall benefits to all parties involved. Barika McNeal Hamilton, Productivity Engineer with the University of Alabama Productivity Center, will present how to identify qualities and responsibilities of an engaged mentor and mentee, and how to recognize key communications skills that enhance the mentoring relationship. > Details 

Rockin' Your Leadership: The 3 Beats that will Attract, Retain, Inspire Your Team
This interactive session will help leaders discover the practical leadership lessons embedded in music and how to apply them to their personal leadership philosophy. From Mozart to Motown, Hip Hop to Heavy Metal, and Disco to Pop, Mimi Brown, CEO of Amp Up Success, uses a vast array of musical genres to illustrate the link between music and leadership. Combining her 20-year career as a professional DJ along with her in-depth experience as a Fortune 500 leadership development expert, she creates a show-stopping experience by integrating a mix of music, humor and practical leadership insights to create an AMPED up experience for the entire audience. > Details

Trusting Your Voice: Sort through the Clutter and Discover Clarity, Confidence, Direction
Who am I, really? What are my gifts and dreams? Where do I go from here? Is it too late? How do I make my life count? These are challenging questions that can leave us stuck or strong, listless or liberated, empty or empowered. While today’s culture is saturated with messages of “fitting in” and “looking good,” Joel Boggess, Resilience Expert with Finding Your Voice Radio, empowers audiences to cut away expectations, develop self-confidence and make choices that are healthy, authentic, and freeing. > Details

The Extraordinary You in Trucking
Extraordinary people do things that make their life more valuable and different than the rest. Extraordinary employees create better customer experiences, more productive peer engagement and transform business relationships. Carol Cambridge, Founder and CEO of The Stay Safe Project, will explain how most people put up roadblocks or are held back by fear based thinking. This session will provide actionable steps and key insights to skyrocket careers and personal lives, and will help you to identify the mindset that holds them back and may keep them shackled to mediocrity; unlock the belief that empowers their success; and switch from fear based thinking to empowerment-based thinking. > Details

Video Marketing: How to Stand Out in the Virtual Crowd
Video marketing can engage your current and potential customers, employees, and drivers. Within the next year, over 80% of content consumed on the Internet will be video. Matt Ward will show attendees the reasons why creating one to one personalized video is an effective and simple way to connect. Attendees will understand how to incorporate video into their business, and walk away with a clear strategy to find the right target and goal in order to create a video that will be remembered and stand out in the virtual crowd. > Details

Stay Locked Into What Matters Most
Jake Thompson shares how successful people stay focused on the right tasks that move their business and life forward. Your team will be challenged to sharpen their aim on a powerful WHY and pair it with their very own Competitor’s Scorecard, the secret weapon that winners use every single day. Attend this session to learn the importance of focus, how to eat your elephant-sized goal, and incorporate accountability into your life. > Details

Learning Labs
Conference attendees will have the opportunity to quickly learn practical tips and best practices during these 25-minute sessions in three categories: Health, Safety, and Sales & Marketing.

Interactive Roundtable Discussions
Network with peers and subject matter experts who share common interests on a specific topic. During facilitated group conversations, you’ll discuss opportunities, challenges, and best practices and learn from what others are doing successfully with their organizations. Choose from over 30 topics or dialogue with professionals in similar roles.    

Accelerate! Truck & Technology Tour
See amazing new features in tractors, ranging from platooning trucks and microturbine-electric hybrid drive systems to emission-reduction and 360-degree technology. The latest from industry leaders will be on display during this unique truck tour.