Women leaders oftentimes are undervalued, and it is partially because women do not negotiate. The art of negotiating is more than just asking for what you are worth. It also includes asking for equal consideration.

Why Don't Women Negotiate?

Carol Sankar discusses the anxiety that women face when dealing with difficult conversations at work or in business. As a result, we assume our way through our careers, by assuming that we will face imminent rejection by asking. It’s time to break free of limited thinking and assumptions when the real problem is a lack of confidence and clarity in communicating.

This session will help you to better understand how to communicate effectively, gain the confidence to ask, and how to package your most valuable skills.


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    Carol Sankar

    The Confidence Factor for Women

    Carol Sankar is a guest contributor & writer, a powerful public speaker, and the founder of The Confidence Factor for Women. Best known for her talks on confidence and negotiation for women, her research has been quoted by several leading publications, including, Harvard, Society for Human Resource Management, and Politico, Business Insider, Glamour, and Oprah Magazine. Forbes also named Carol as one of the leading voices on diversity & inclusion.

    Carol has been featured by hundreds of media outlets including Forbes, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, A&E, NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN Money. She has also given talks at TEDx, SXSW, Facebook, Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, The United Way and more. Carol is a proud wife & mother, an active real estate investor, and advisor