Think of all the professional and personal roles you've played, and those you have yet to encounter. We go from being a student to a leader; from a mother to a grandmother; from a driver to a business owner. Roles change. Most are outside of our control. How you show up in the world - your brand - is however, well within your control. Personal branding is an action in your life where you take an active role. One that allows you to self-manage your career, your business choices and a purpose-driven life. In this session, you will:
  • Build awareness of the equities within your personal brand
  • Maximize your brand value and gain strategies for leveraging your talents for continued career growth and business success


  • Cynthia Carleton Accelerate Speaker-300x300

    Cynthia Carleton

    Chief Marketing Officer, Carriergistics
    Owner, Lampstand, LLC

    As an experienced Creative Leader and Brand Strategist, Cindy Carleton consults with organizations and small business owners to create key messages and strategic stories that build brand and grow business. Leading the strategy at Carriergistics, Cindy is creating a best-in-industry marketing team and positioning Carriergistics as the small fleet brand champion. Her attention to customer understanding is invaluable in creating relevant solutions that build businesses, create wealth and changes lives.

    This brand expertise continues through her extensive work in personal equity consulting. As the owner of LampStand LLC, she has worked with business resource groups, community organizations, veterans, and individuals to provide knowledge and tools to better understand their personal brand and the power of strategic equities in purpose-led career and business performance.