In 2007, Ellen Voie wanted to create the change for more gender diversity in the transportation industry – and she founded the Women In Trucking Association. Fast forward to today, and WIT has grown into the “go to” authority for gender diversity in the industry with more than 7,000 members in 10 countries. This will be Ellen’s last conference as the President and CEO of WIT. During this amazing one-on-one conversation between Ellen and Lana Nichols, WIT’s Vice President, you’ll hear Ellen’s compelling story about the association dynamic growth and importance to the industry. You’ll hear first-hand from Ellen:

  • Why Ellen started Women In Trucking 15 years ago, and the journey of taking the concept of WIT to having 7,000+ members and 1,500+ attending the Accelerate! conference today
  • The most memorable moments and accomplishments through WIT she’s most proud of
  • The professional and personal obstacles she has overcome during her career
  • Her vision for the future of the Women In Trucking Association.