Truck drivers move more than 70 percent of all goods in North America. They keep the supply chain moving and make sure food and products stay on shelves, deliveries continue to be made, and our needs are met on a daily basis. But there still is a dramatic deficit to the drivers needed to deliver the goods we need – and retaining drivers has become just as critical as recruiting them. Keeping drivers happy is not just good for business, it helps make them ambassadors for your company and the industry as a whole.  

Attend this panel discussion of subject matter experts to learn the latest modern strategies and tips that will help to ensure your drivers are content and ready to stay: 

  • Understand the importance of gaining constant and formal/informal feedback from drivers to understand their motivations and needs to stay happy in the driver’s seat 
  • Discover central issues to the female driver experience to maximize retention and recognize how these issues are constantly changing – and offer services, programs and benefits that directly address them 
  • Ways to set your drivers up for success from onboarding and training to wellness programs and beyond 
  • Hear best practices in deploying and managing effective programs, communication channels, and recognition that ultimately help to keep your driver workforce engaged and satisfied in their jobs