With all the new technology advances as well as increased regulations, it can get overwhelming for drivers and small trucking companies. This session will explain how drivers can change their driving habits to increase profits. Attend this session to:

  • Learn what driver habits are and how to measure them
  • Learn how to coach drivers on changing their habits
  • Learn how improving driver habits will increase company profits and driver pay.


  • Speaker-Kristi-Randall

    Kristi Randall

    Vice President
    Artur Express, Inc.

    Kristi Randall, Vice President at Artur Express, is a former Human Resource Executive who now leads a multi-award winning, Top 100 Carrier. Kristi began working with Artur Express 9 years ago as a part-time Human Resources consultant. As she gained more knowledge of the industry, her role grew from HR to all aspects of the operation. Kristi now leads a technology-focused, fast-growing fleet of nearly 800 trucks. Under Kristi’s direction, the company has saved millions of dollars in lost fuel and tolls, allowing the company to reinvest in its drivers by increasing driver pay based on his or her driving habits. Kristi’s extensive human resources background helped Artur Express develop policies and procedures to help grow the company to what it is today.

    In 2021, Kristi expanded her career in trucking and was named Vice President of GHC Services, a third-party logistics company, and President of the United States Division of AmeriPol, a staffing corporation which provides employees to trucking and other industries. Additionally in 2021, Kristi was named a Top Woman to Watch in Trucking by the Women in Trucking Association.

    Kristi now leads three corporations serving the logistics industry.