The topic of Inclusion Management helps create equity in the workplace, seeking other perspectives and being aware of one’s own biases. This also aligns with the sense of belonging and value and have the resources and support anyone needs to achieve their full potential.

Amazon’s Keynote Speaker, Kathy Crawley, will highlight one of the organization’s newest Leadership Principles, “Strive to be Earth’s Best Employer,” by delving into when intentions and impacts are not aligned with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as well as how to identify gaps. Additionally, she will touch on how to drive inclusion internally and what actions can be taken to drive this within our own management style or drive the conversation on the need for more inclusion. Attend this session to:

  • Gain practical ideas on “Striving to Create an Inclusive Leadership Group”
  • Drive practices that promote inclusion
  • Encourage leadership actions that will address all inclusion.


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    Kathy Crawley

    General Manager
    ROC, Amazon

    Kathy Crawley is a Senior leader and organization sponsor for the Women in Transportation affinity group within Amazon. Crawley has been an impactful Amazonian for more than 10 years, touching multiple lines of business supporting and leading transportation services. In 2022, Crawley was promoted to general manger for the Amazon Relay operations center - a central location for Amazon operations through all transportation services.