Mentorship, and its inherent benefits, is a crucial component to recruiting, retaining, and supporting women drivers. In this interactive session, Sarah Hilton will share inspiring stories of Mentees and Mentors of the LeadHERtrucking program, the WIT-sponsored mentoring program.

Upon hearing how women who are matched as Mentee-Mentor support each other in times of challenges, particularly in this male-populated industry, our audience will become motivated to seek out a unique community of female drivers who lift up, support, guide and encourage each other.

Hilton uses the analogy of finding the magic in Mentorship, which comes from understanding what is mentorship, how it actually works and why every woman who seeks to be matched with a Mentor will clearly see the benefits to her career success. This session will:

  • Address some of the challenges that female drivers encounter, in their first year on the road especially
  • Encourage women drivers to use HER voice to stand up and make her unique needs known
  • Change the narrative so that female drivers no longer feel isolated and alone but rather understand that sharing their stories will help to build a strong community of women in trucking