Every day along our highways, people are forced to sell sex as victims of human trafficking at truck stops, rest areas, and other locations. Every day, members of the transportation industry are in these same places - and able to make a difference. Tips from truckers alone have helped to identify more than 1,300 victims of trafficking, thanks to knowing the signs.
Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) is raising up a mobile army that is able to recognize and report trafficking, leading to the recovery of victims and arrest of perpetrators. Learn how you can empower employees to effect change and aid in the disruption of human trafficking networks across North America. Laura Cyrus will help us understand human trafficking and its intersections with trucking, explain more about TAT and the free materials they provide, and share the impact company leaders can make in the fight against trafficking. Attend this session to:
  • Be able to define human trafficking.
  • Understand how this crime intersects with the trucking industry.
  • Learn about case studies of TAT's work in action.
  • Be able to identify red flags of human trafficking over the road.
  • Answer a call to action and know how your company can get involved with TAT, especially through the implementation of free educational material to help identify victims and report the crime of trafficking to proper authorities.


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    Laura Cyrus

    Senior Director of Industry Training and Outreach
    Truckers Against Trafficking

    Laura Cyrus, Senior Director of Industry Training and Outreach at Truckers Against Trafficking, has been with the organization since 2013. She currently manages the team that leads TAT's flagship programming, including the various training programs specific to OTR drivers, local drivers, and in-home delivery personnel, as well as the Shipping Partners Program, TAT's Anti-Demand Campaign, the TAT Ambassador program, and the Freedom Drivers Project mobile exhibit. Laura enjoys traveling nationally to speak on behalf of TAT and engaging with key partners and stakeholders. Laura holds a BA in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University and an MA in International Human Rights from the University of Denver, where she specialized in a concentration on Forced Labor and Human Trafficking.