Trucking and transportation industry key and frontline positions are historically male-populated, but with women representing 50% of the population and nearly 14% of the trucker workforce, what can we do to change that?

Research and survey data suggest that safety on the job is a top concern women have when entering frontline transportation and trucking industry positions. Making equipment safe, encouraging more women to enter the industry to work together and build comradery, and ensuring women feel secure on the road at all times are realistic goals that can be implemented in organizations. These change management tactics will help attract more women to the transportation and trucking industry and solve ongoing recruitment and retention issues. Attend this session to:

  • Learn change management tactics to implement safety in the workplace
  • Become better educated on the technology platforms organizations can use to help promote workplace safety
  • Discover ways to build comradery and community among women in the workplace.


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    Betty Elrod

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Inflection Poynt

    Betty is a passionate leader who uses her skills to educate, encourage, and promote diversity in the transportation and trucking industry. Whether reaching out to driving schools, writing about women’s contributions in trucking, or ensuring company advertisements represent all genders and ethnicities, she is dedicated to communicating the importance of everyone’s ability to work in trucking and transportation. She is passionate about gender equality and has led an effort with Inflection Poynt to create a Smart Recruiting Platform that helps women find careers in trucking and transportation.

    Betty understands that gender equality starts at the local level and volunteers at Nashville’s YWCA. Betty is a member of WIT and the NWRA. In 2022 Betty was recognized as a Top Woman to Watch in Transportation.

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    Matt Mutton

    Chief Executive Officer
    Inflection Poynt

    Mark Mutton leads a “Smart Sourcing” organization embracing the intersection of traditional recruiting, social media behavior, and data science. Inflection Poynt has a drive and commitment to solving problem areas for industry hiring teams. When the traditional techniques and industry partners are not solving your hiring needs, the Inflection Poynt Team has a reputation of embracing the challenge to prove that its system always works.