Phone tag with drivers and overburdened recruiters are an everyday occurrence in our industry. Hours turn into days before potential drivers can be contacted causing them to lose interest and find other carriers. Automating the recruiting workflow leads to more efficient recruiters and increases hire rates by providing drivers immediate, personalized attention while filtering out the unqualified and unresponsive drivers for recruiters. Join Jacquelyn McManus, CEO of KJ Media, as she shares her 10 years of experience in truck driver recruiting and digital marketing. This session will take attendees step-by-step through identifying common recruiting roadblocks, what an optimized recruiting process looks like, how to craft your recruiting message, implementing an automated recruiting process, and how to track results. Attend this session to:

  • Identify Recruiting Roadblocks and their solutions
  • Learn how to craft recruiting messages for millennial and women drivers
  • Understand what an automated recruiting process looks like
  • Learn how to build out your own automated recruiting process
  • Find ways to effectively track results


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    Jackie McManus

    KJ Media

    Jackie McManus’s passion for the trucking industry can be traced back to when she worked as a recruiter, specifically recruiting truck drivers. For the past 15 years, she has been immersed in the trucking industry, focused on developing recruitment, retention, and marketing initiatives for trucking companies. In 2013, she founded KJ Media, a marketing agency that is niche to the trucking industry, taking pride in building relationships with drivers and her customers. Their primary goal is to partner with trucking companies that care about continuously improving their overall recruitment and retention processes.

    Jackie is featured on a Sirius XM show called Road Dog Trucking, “Recruitment and Retention Attention,” hosted by Tim Ridley. This gives her the opportunity to connect with professional truck drivers personally and discuss the tough issues that they face on the road and within the industry. This gives her insider information to be able to discuss what the real issues are with her clients and ways that they can improve, resulting in retaining their drivers for longer periods of time.