The most difficult part of the equality for women movement is already behind us. Today, women have many more development opportunities in professional fields. More doors are opened, although there are still many industries where the process of adaptation has been difficult due to certain factors (including security and safety issues in the trucking industry). Nevertheless, many organizations have already made changes and women are taking important leadership roles. We need to believe in ourselves and work hard to build our mindset and self-esteem, not just to fulfill our dreams, but to also have a more positive outlook on life.

At GLT Logistics, 61% of our talent are women, 62% of the leadership roles are filled by women, and we have been empowering them with insightful tips and practical knowledge to remove barriers so we can achieve gender equality, spark the innovation in our community, and boost everyone’s development. Lina Acosta, GLT’s Chief Marketing Officer, will help you to:

  • Learn the importance self-confidence plays in the workplace and the impact it has had in men and women over the years
  • Understand how to changing our position from victims to powerful human beings
  • Cultivate self-confidence in younger generations.


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    Lina Acosta

    Chief Marketing Officer
    GLT Logistics

    Lina is a professional with a bachelor's degree in Economics and International Business and she has been a leader in the transportation and logistics industry for 14 years. She is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at GLT Logistics, which is a third-party logistics company that provides transportation and logistics solutions. Additionally, Lina has been an advocate for women inside the corporation, helping them with practical knowledge, so they can excel in their positions. She is passionate about helping women get empowered, and she’s constantly working hard to break the barriers of disparate cultures. Right now, 63% of the employees are women, and 61% of leadership positions are performed by them.

    In her volunteering work, she is a member of the Board of Directors at the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA), and she is constantly looking for new ways to support the community. One remarkable initiative she has been doing working on with her Marketing Department is the Logistics Sessions Project, an educational series of events to help professionals learn from key players of the industry about the market and key strategies to help them succeed in this dynamic era. With the money collected from these events, they are supporting the American Logistics Aid Network so they can keep aiding and saving lives by providing supply chain assistance to disaster relief organizations, and other non-profits.