By 2024, due to loyalists who are Boomers or Gen X retiring, the driver shortage in the trucking industry is estimated to reach 175,000. Companies with for-hire or private fleets will be in serious peril unless they refine their driver recruiting strategies that work in a highly competitive environment. That’s why it’s important to put a personal touch on recruiting into what has become a more impersonal process. 

In addition, amid the driver shortage the industry has turned to recruiting women, young candidates, and alternative pools of talent – and they’re making significant progress in these areas. Attend this panel discussion featuring subject matter experts on how to effectively attract and recruit professional drivers: 

  • Learn more about strategies and best practices on where to find truck drivers – and how to convince them that your company is their “employer of choice” 
  • How to gain the attention of quality driver prospects through diverse employee networks, employee and associate referrals, ambassador programs, social engagement, and other modern engagement strategies  
  • Practical ideas on how to leverage your diversity and inclusion initiatives and reputation to attract more driver candidates from alternative pools of talent