Speedy order fulfillment and distribution are no longer just part of the buyer’s wish list. They expect a flawless customer experience and fast, reliable shipping every time they shop online. Yet, all the potential delivery routing options, differing driver skill levels and service/installation times, changing road conditions, and varying truck capacities make the last mile experience inherently inefficient - and maximizing capacity and on-time delivery at the same time is a Herculean task. Companies involved in final mile management need to look at all aspects of their business, ranging from the customer experience (CX) and marketing and sales to technology, legal and compliance. Attend this session to learn: 

  • Customer experience best practices and operations in areas that include ensuring top-performing teams, uniforms, survey cards and score cards, and other strategies and tactics 
  • “Go to market” strategies involving marketing and sales that include proposals and RFPs, generating meaningful content that is relevant to your target audience, and differentiating your brand in your particular logistics business niche 
  • How to build your tech stack that includes TMSA for drivers and managers for more visibility, GPS tracking, cameras with Bluetooth technologies, blockchain technologies to improve transparency and security, automation in DCs and warehouses, and artificial intelligence (AI) across your operations 
  • Legal and compliance issues, ranging from DOT registration and operating authority to driver qualification, training, physicals and drug testing.