There are five components to this provocative session.

First, define combined impact. Catherine Aguilar will help you to define company success criteria; identify limitations, perceptions, constraints and assumptions in the workforce; define what a norm/norm breaker is; and discuss the consequences and incentives of norm breaking in the work place.

Second, expand combined perspective. You will discuss why gender and diversity matter in the workplace; have a discussion on how and why executive leadership must take accountability for the current norms and constraints in their company; and discuss the normality curve and its relation to women breaking the glass ceiling.

Third, connect the combined mind and heart. Aguilar will share her story of struggle, perseverance, triumph and norm breaking. She will provide motivation and lessons learned in her journey. The speaker will use her story to lead her discussion on how companies are based on dreams - how corporations must continuously break norms to achieve success.

Fourth, align combined targets. Catherine Aguilar will work with the audience to launch a survey to determine how norms have stifled the company’s cultural, diversity and engagement growth; based off of the survey results, she will walk the audience through how they can break unconscious biases, dismantle the glass ceiling, encourage women leaders to promote women, and how to lead with intention.

Lastly, achieve combined goal. The speaker will lead the discussion of how corporate leaders can take next steps to ensure progress towards norm breaking, profit generating goals.

This session is sure to educate business leaders on:

  • The existing glass ceilings in the marketplace
  • Inform why breaking the glass ceiling is revenue generating
  • Empower the audience by teaching how corporations can significantly increase their profits by implementing Catherine Aguilar’s original norm breaking EVOLVE methodology