We’ve all experienced people in leadership positions who clearly do not know how to lead. Great leadership is a combination of skill, talent, and frame of mind - none of which are automatically bestowed based on promotion or title. The good news is that the characteristics that define true leadership can be acquired and enhanced. You will learn 4 steps to increase your self-confidence as a leader and after this session will have the ability to establish a game plan to implement what you’ve learned from the B.E.S.T. leadership model.


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    Star Bobatoon

    Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Public Speaking Coach, Motivational Speaker

    Star has over 30 years of experience as a performer on stage and screen, as a litigating attorney and as a top performing trainer.  She utilizes her diverse background to help leaders level up their public speaking and presentation skills, and master the art of communication. Star was Program Manager for Les Brown's speaker training program and ranked the #1 trainer for a national training company.  On the stage, Star captivates her audiences with humor, drama and storytelling.   As a trainer and coach, Star teaches leaders how to develop and confidently deliver compelling messages to inspire their teams and grown their influence.  Her clients and audiences walk away feeling educated, enlightened and empowered. Star believes every time you speak it’s a performance and every place you speak is a stage.  She delivers a stellar performance on every stage and helps leaders and organizations do the same.