Sustainability is a way to bigger profits for companies with for-hire and private fleets. When done right, it doesn’t cost, it pays - all while doing the right thing for our planet. More and more companies involved in trucking are embracing green logistics from the first through the last mile, including delivery, packaging, production sourcing and reserve logistics.

While reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in heavy-duty trucking is a top priority for most for-hire and private fleets these days, the challenge lies in whether companies are taking the right critical steps to meet their goals or simply throwing money at a constantly-shifting problem. In trucking, we are scrutinized by the public and constantly face complex challenges that require innovative solutions as we try to stay ahead of the emissions-reduction game. Attend this session to learn more about:

  • How to effectively benchmark and measure GHG emissions from your fleets and other assets, and ways to maintain a relevant scorecard of your sustainability initiatives
  • Current innovative fleet strategies and best practices to minimize your impact on the environment, including the use of alternative-powered vehicles such as EVs
  • Challenges in using new technologies, ranging from transitioning your fleet, maintenance, and on-road telematics to infrastructure, regulatory issues and compliance.