Having a paying job has become a 24 hour round the clock job for many. We are expected to be fully present and “on,” even in our sleep. When a text alert goes of at two am, our instinct is to look at a screen. We are on call - all the time. To avoid burnout, health problems down the road, and minimize stress, the key is to manage ourselves effectively so that we maintain a healthy work life integration and balance.

Spend more time preparing, less time repairing. This saves time, stress, and energy. Get your mornings started right. Pay attention to the first thirty seconds of your mornings to guard your mind. Learn how to say “no.”  Learn how to run your smart phones, so that their smart phones does not run you. Unplug. Stay off the grid - at least for a few seconds, each day. Write down your goals. It’s not about compiling tasks, but about completing tasks. Make time for physical exercise.

Attend this session to learn:

  • How to say no: Every time we say yes for something unimportant, we are saying no to something important
  • How to manage social media, i phone, and screen time, so that they don’t control us
  • How to work smarter, not harder
  • How to spend more time preparing and less time repairing in effective time management


Presented by Preethi Fernando, Author and Speaker


Preethi Fernando is the author of six books and a speaker. She is the author of “Diversity and Inclusion.” She is the winner of Stephen King’s Haven Foundation Award, given to one author each year. Originally from the island of Sri Lanka, Preethi now calls Loveland, Colorado, her home.