2019 Conference Sessions

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Tuesday, October 1 | 1:30-2:15pm

Activate Your Inner Wonder Woman

Of course, you’d like a golden lasso or a magic bracelet, but guess what? You don’t need ’em. You already have superpowers, and they’re just waiting to be activated! Are you ready to be successful, personally and professionally? Are you ready to conquer fears and overcome challenges? Are you ready to lead and mentor with strength and smarts? Yes. You. Are. Learn from real-life Wonder Women in this action-oriented, high-energy session. Explore how you can activate your inner superpowers to become more confident and successful. More connected and positive. Come learn how to live your fullest life! No cape required. Participants will take action (super heroes don’t just sit there!) and move forward with purpose to:

  • Create a healthy workplace culture by zapping the negative and giving power to the positive.
  • Empower and engage your “tribe.” Nurture the collective power of the people in your work and life circles.
  • Be bold! Recognize your value. Care for yourself (and others) in the chaos of career-life balance. 

About the Presenter

Kelly Radi is a real-life Wonder Woman! She’s a sought-after speaker, award-winning author, and CEO of Radi to Write, LLC. Authentic, inspiring, and relatable, Kelly equips and empowers her audiences to find—and use—their unique inner superpowers to live Wonder-Full lives. Her audiences leave refreshed and confident, armed with new perspectives and practical, action-based take-aways. Kelly is a professional member of the National Speakers Association where she earned the 2018 NSA Minnesota Speaker Academy Award. She’s the author of two books: Wonder-Full: Activate Your Inner Superpowers (No Cape Required) empowers women to live their fullest lives. Out To Sea: A Parents’ Survival Guide to the Freshman Voyage is the go-to guide for parents as they navigate the high school-to-college transition. You can purchase her books at the onsite Barnes & Noble bookstore. And yes, Kelly has a thing for Wonder Woman. 

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