2019 Conference Sessions

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Monday, September 30 | 9:00-11:15am

Gutsy, Explicit, Minimum Self-Defense

They’re back by popular demand by WIT members! Former police officers Debbie and Mike Gardner are two respected experts when it comes to teaching self-defense to “nice people in high-risk careers” such as trucking. Beyond self-defense, you’ll use fear-control strategies in every area of life when you are faced with stress and fear (i.e., crisis driving, medical emergencies, public speaking, customer service conflicts, athletic performance, etc.). You’ll learn how to transform self-doubt and fear into courage and adrenalin-laced strength on command. You’ll also see how to understand and outsmart 4 distinct personalities and their common crime set-ups to prevent crime seconds before it starts. Leave empowered and happy — guaranteed!

Facilitator: Debbie Gardner, Professional Speaker, Author/Founder of Survive Institute

PepperBall LifeLite / TCP. Potentent Non-lethal Personal Defense for the Most Critical Cargo - You!
Following the portion of the workshop with Debbie Gardner, you'll then learn about the innovative PepperBall LifeLite, a non-lethal self-defense tool. PepperBall was created in a joint venture with the US Department of Defense in 1996. The technology and product created by this venture was released to the civilian market and PepperBall Technologies was established in 1998. PepperBall has 20 years of trusted experience providing non-lethal products to over 5,000 Military, Law Enforcement and Corrections agencies with No fatalities associated to its use. This proven and highly effective non-lethal technology is now available to the civilian consumer. PepperBall provides pain compliance and PAVA pepper incapacitation against threats out to 150 feet in and out of direct line of sight. The PepperBall LifeLite and TCP launchers are not Firearms and do not require a license or Conceal Carry Permit to purchase or own. PepperBall provides a highly effective option in the Use of Force Continuum from between being a victim and the use of deadly force. This tool is easy to use, not intimidating to the user and highly effective, with a mission for self-defense without the loss of life.

Chris Hartnett Headshot

Chris Hartnett, PepperBall VP of Consumer Sales, has extensive tactical and technical experience with thirty-six years of experience in the Military, Armed Security, Contracting and Firearms industries.  Chris has held Director and Manager positions with major firearms manufacturers, Nuclear Security and in contracting roles.  Chris is a 20-year retired Army Veteran with 16 years in the Army Special Forces Green Berets.  Chris brings a deep passion of self-defense, protecting others and teaching with real world experiences to the team.  Chris joined PepperBall in February of this year. 

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