2019 Conference Sessions

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Wednesday, October 2 | 9:15-10:00am

How to Combat Distraction and Drowsiness 

Driving is a complex skill and equally complex is the ability to evaluate it in real time to make our roads safer. Distracted and drowsy driving are among major causes of fatal crashes. As of 2017, the economic toll of distracted driving in the US reached $129B, which is surpassed only by drunk driving cost of $199B. Can an automated driving coach or co-pilot help by using novel algorithms to integrate computer vision, connected vehicles, smart digital assistants and artificial intelligence? Automated driver attention monitoring and management indeed have high value potential, especially when combined with safe interaction, dynamic situation awareness, real time feedback and personalized behavior modeling. 

During this “train the trainer” session, Maggie Stys, CEO, and Roberto Sicconi, CTO of dreyev.com will teach you ways to cope with drowsy or distracted driving and become a better driver. You will: 

  • Learn ways to cope with drowsiness or distractions while driving, how to focus your attention. 
  • Find out how latest Machine Learning technology can create a friendly co-pilot to help long-haul drivers stay alert 
  • Learn how to automate real time feedback to the driver to help train newcomers 
  • Get to know about driver behavior modeling and how it’s done in real time 
  • Learn about real time fleet management systems to improve safety

About the Presenters

Dr. Maggie Styś is an accomplished technologist with a focus on Intelligent Conversational Machines. As CEO and coFounder of dreyev.com, she is on a mission to save the lives of drivers at the wheel of a car, and commercial vehicles. dreyev evaluates driver attention levels and warns them of unexpected dangers in real-time, to prevent distracted and drowsy driving crashes. dreyev sets new standards in human-machine communication effectiveness, by using Machine Learning and AI to model driver behavior and skills, communicate urgencies, and evaluate driver responsiveness. Over the last two decades, Maggie led high tech initiatives cross industry with technology partners at IBM Watson Research Center, CIO and Sales. An entrepreneur at heart, Maggie is passionate about disruptive technologies, new business models and emerging markets. 

Roberto Sicconi has strong passion for vision and innovation, personalized user interfaces and ubiquitous information access. Career highlights include launch of IBM’s first Speech Product worldwide, pioneering work on car infotainment systems and Program Director at IBM Watson to address differential diagnosis in Healthcare, technical support for agents in Contact Centers, Financial Services Customer support. Dr. Eng. Sicconi co-founded TeleLingo focusing on Driver Attention Monitoring for cars and commercial vehicles, using Machine Vision, Speech, Machine Learning and A.I. (dreyev). He is also Co-Founder and CSO at Infermedica, offering Clinical Decision Support and Triage tools to Healthcare Providers and Insurance.

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