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How to Improve the Driver Experience at Shipping Facilities

When drivers have positive experiences at shipping facilities, carriers have an easier time retaining them— and shippers get trucks for a better price. But if drivers consistently have negative experiences at a facility, everyone’s bottom line takes a hit. Rather than waiting for the shipper to notice the problem and make a change, carriers and brokers can proactively diagnose the issue and create a compelling case for the shipper to make a change. Shippers can also learn how to identify problems within their operations and—by making thoughtful changes—ultimately become a preferred shipper (or “shipper of choice”). Carriers, brokers, and shippers have the power to make changes to improve facilities—and when they do, everyone benefits.

Attend this educational session to: 

  • Learn how to define the problem (and why it’s a problem)
  • Get the data you need to make your case to the shipper
  • Learn how to convince the shipper to make a change—and come to the table with solutions in mind

If you’re a shipper, there are things you can do to get ahead of these problems and become a shipper of choice (otherwise known as a preferred shipper). For example, say you’re a owner-dispatcher dealing with a facility that has consistently long wait times. Long wait times may mean you have to pay your drivers a higher rate to service that facility.

Before you can go to the shipper and demand they shorten their wait times, you need data. Work with a company who can provide you with data that shows driver wait times at that facility versus other facilities in the area. Can you connect this data to the shipper’s bottom line? Are they losing money with long wait times? Chances are, if your drivers don’t want to go to that facility, other carriers feel the same way—which could mean the shipper has a difficult time securing capacity.

Next, with data in hand, have a conversation with the shipper. It’s even better if you come to the table with an idea for how they can reduce wait times, like decreasing loading and unloading times.

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About the Presenter
Kristen Forecki is Vice President of Operations at Convoy and was recently named among the "Top Women to Watch" by Redefining the Road, the official magazine of the Women In Trucking Association. Before Convoy, she was Director of Operations at Rover, the nation’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School.