Truck Driver Appreciation Week on the Megyn Kelly TODAY Show

This week, Women In Trucking Association was honored to feature Image Team member Deb LaBree on the Megyn Kelly TODAY show in honor of Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Although the segment is only a few minutes long, Deb had the opportunity to be chosen to represent female drivers in the trucking industry on a nationally televised program on NBC.   

Megyn Kelly’s video crew followed Deb and rode with her during filming last month in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They even interviewed her husband and co-driver, Del (LaBree) and her good friend, Pam Kays. Del choked up when he talked about Deb as his best friend. Pam shared her experiences with Deb as a mentor and friend.

We arrived in New York City Sunday evening, and Deb experienced delays in her flights due to the weather, which did not help to quell her nervousness about appearing on the show. Deb’s mom and stepdad live in the New York City area, and she was able to connect with them and even invite them to join us backstage at the show.

Monday morning was rainy and gloomy, and the eight block walk didn’t help make the short, and very wet, trek enjoyable. Deb and I and her parents were ushered to Deb’s dressing room, where she was greeted by the wardrobe and hair and makeup team. We watched the monitor and Megyn Kelly interviewed her first guest and waited to be called. Breaking news forced Deb’s segment into a taping AFTER the show, for viewing later. Deb notified her friends, family members and the staff at Landstar, where the LaBrees are Business Capacity Owners, who were waiting for the segment to air!

Deb’s parents and I were able to sit in the audience and they moved me to the front row to provide support for Deb during her segment. Finally, Deb was ushered out with Megyn Kelly and took her place on the stage. I gave her a thumbs up, but she was doing great.   

They started the segment with the videos the crew had filmed in Oklahoma. We were thrilled to see the Women In Trucking Facebook page mentioned, as Deb is active as an admin on the page and is recognized for her hard work. They showed Deb checking the truck and interviewed her in and out of the cab. Deb had not seen the final cut and was holding back the tears as she listened to the kind words from her husband and her friend.

Deb’s sincere passion for the industry was evident and came through during the program. Megyn Kelly asked Deb how she ended up in the trucking industry. Then, Megyn made an announcement that shocked us all. Shell Rotella is a sponsor on the show and had reached out to us to provide a female professional driver for the segment. She and her husband use Shell Rotella, and they were recognized for their loyalty.

You’ll have to watch the program to see the surprise!

Watch her segment here