We’ve Been Challenged • WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA

We’ve Been Challenged • WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA

September 7, 2015

“WE’VE BEEN CHALLENGED!” Each year, the trucking industry teams with patriotic Americans across the country during the holiday season to remember our fallen veterans during Wreaths Across America Day on the second Saturday of December.

The backbone of Wreaths Across America.org is, and has always been the trucking industry! Through fundraising of remembrance wreaths to be placed on veteran tombstones at Arlington National Cemetery and over 2,500 cemeteries across the country and the voluntary delivery of these handmade wreaths, the trucking industry makes a huge difference in the lives of the families who have lost a loved one that has served in the armed forces.

For 2015, The Women In Trucking Association has been challenged by Jennifer Jo’s fans and Used Truck Association. There will be three teams. A red team, white team, and blue team. WIT is the “Red Team.” From September 7th through October 31st, the team that sponsors the most wreaths for Arlington National Cemetery will be the winner and their logo will be the honorary “primary” sponsor on the hood of Jennifer Jo’s #10 race truck for her Miami NASCAR race on November 20th. Kickoff will be Labor Day, September 7th at noon EST. and will end Saturday, October 31st at midnight EST.

WIT President Ellen Voie will be the Red Team Captain and will keep members updated throughout the competition via email splash, newsletter, or visit us on Women In Trucking Association Facebook page and other media outlets.

We encourage our individual members and companies to sponsor one or more remembrance wreaths. Each wreath is just $15. Share it with your company management, co-workers, family, and friends and let ‘em know The Women In Trucking Association is “IN IT TO WIN IT” and all for a great cause.

Sponsor a wreath online by clicking here.
To print and mail your sponsorship, on this form WAAWITform.