Building The Future of Freight with Convoy

Recently (Clare and) I had the opportunity to visit Convoy’s headquarters in downtown Seattle, meet with their team, and share ideas for how technology can 1) help women thrive in trucking today and 2) increase the percentage of women entering the industry altogether.  

Convoy is a trucking marketplace with a free mobile app for small trucking companies that matches them with freight that needs to be hauled. 

During the day I had a chance to speak with engineers, data scientists, bilingual operations specialists and others about the challenges in attracting and retaining women in the trucking industry. I shared examples of how WIT is working to address those, including educating the next generation about career opportunities in supply chain, and partnering with industry organizations to become more accepting and accommodating of women in trucking. I met with different groups, including Women At Convoy, who are focused on furthering Convoy’s success by advancing women in technology. 

I was happy to see that Convoy is placing a strong emphasis on a culture of diversity and creating ways to bring different ideas, strengths and backgrounds to the forefront to become stronger as a company. But more importantly, I was struck by their collective curiosity and drive to deeply understand the challenges in trucking today, and how they’re using that information to create better services and products for owner operators and small trucking companies especially. In a company-wide fireside chat, I was interviewed by Convoy’s CEO, Dan Lewis about the inspiration for getting WIT off the ground in 2007, misconceptions about women in trucking, and progress we’ve made in the industry, among other topics. We also talked about how companies like Convoy can use data and technology to remove a lot of the barriers that women find challenging in trucking.  

One of features in Convoy’s app that reduces the potential for gender bias, which is particularly valuable for female carriers who don’t like negotiating over the phone because they feel like they’re treated less fairly than their male counterparts is the option to book instantly or bid on a load at a tap of a button In the Convoy app, your gender doesn’t matter; male or female, you’re evaluated on your quality as a carrier, and the service you deliver. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are more examples of how Convoy is using data and technology in unique ways to advance the future of freight. I look forward to exploring more ways WIT and Convoy can partner together to change the conversation - and the game - for women in trucking.