Ask the Influential Woman in Trucking - Driver to Freight Broker

Ask Angela: How do I transition from being a driver to becoming a freight broker/agent?

This is a great question. It is smart thinking about how you can take the skills you've learned as a trucker and use them in another area of the industry. As a driver, you already understand many of the challenges drivers face. This will give you a unique perspective when fitting the carriers into jobs. If possible, get a job at a brokerage company first to learn and understand all aspects of what a broker does. There are larger companies nationally that offer to train you for the position. Keep in mind that this usually requires a work-commitment for a certain amount of time.  My advice is to research both options and see which might be a better fit for your life.

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The Secret Weapon of Today’s Successful Salespeople: Curiosity

If classic movies like Glengarry Glen Ross (1992), Tin Men (1987), Used Cars (1980)—or more recent hits like Wolf of Wall Street (2013)—have taught us anything, it’s that sales is not for those of a weak disposition.

And whether the character portrayal is ruthless and intimidating like Alec Baldwin’s Blake, broadly comedic like Danny DeVito’s Ernest Tilley, or charmingly sneaky like Kurt Russell’s Rudy Russo, movies have also suggested that salespeople need to be either pushy or conniving to achieve success.

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Third-Generation Lady Trucker Finds Dream Job in Long Haul

This blog post is one in a series by Women In Trucking member uShip that celebrates women in the logistics industry. Inspired by International Women’s Day (March 8, 2019) and Women’s History Month (March 2019), uShip is sharing inspiring stories of women in trucking, whether they’re behind the wheel, booking shipments on a laptop, or making decisions in the boardroom.

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Ask the Influential Woman in Trucking - How to Get Started


Ask Angela: How do I get started in trucking?

This question has many different answers. First, where do you live? Do you want to be a long hauler or do you need to stay local? If you are just starting out, the first thing is to get your CDL. Search your area truck driving schools or enroll in a truck driving program. Are there trucking schools near where you live?

The first option to obtain your CDL is truck driving school. Usually, you need to pay for truck driving schools ahead of time. Many community colleges and tech schools offer training for a Class A commercial driver’s license. Call or visit your local school to see if they offer a program. If paying for the opportunity ahead of time is an issue, there are scholarships available. Women In Trucking offers several scholarships through their foundation. To find out more visit their scholarships information page -

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Promoting Employee Happiness

Everyone has seen the statistics about employee happiness and how it’ll change the way your workplace operates. Companies with happy employees outperform their competitors by 20%. Some companies have even gone as far as hiring an employee experience officer. One of the most notable companies to hire someone dedicated to employee experience was Airbnb back in 2015 when they transitioned their Chief Human Resources Officer to the Head of Employee Experience. The duties of the new role include shared HR functions as well as responsibilities that focus on their new “workplace as an experience” vision. To achieve this vision, most offices included a group of employees called “ground control” that focus on bringing AirBnb’s culture to life.

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The Value of Self-Awareness at Work

Great leaders often have several traits in common. We tend to see characteristics like strong communication, a positive attitude and a sense of integrity on the short list. But, where does self-awareness come into play? This attribute is often overlooked in leaders, but here at Caliper, we argue that this characteristic can make or break a work environment.

By bringing awareness of one’s self into the workplace, leaders are able to better identify who they are as an employee and why they work the way they do. Using this information, leaders can then play to their strengths while understanding their areas of developmental opportunity. Leaders with awareness are also better at managing their emotions in high-stress situations, admitting when they are at fault and leaving their personal lives at the door. For these reasons, employees often note a healthier work environment under such superiors. Not only are their benefits to the leader and the employees, but there is also a significant positive correlation between self-aware leaders and company performance.

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When Personality Assessment Results Disappoint

With the number of jobs and applicants increasing, many professionals are turning to advanced tools such as personality assessments to aid them in the hiring process to determine if potential candidates are the right fit for their company. But what is a personality assessment?

When we talk about personality-based employment assessments, the message is often some variation of: Using a valid pre-employment assessment can help you dig deeper than resumes and interviews and discover which applicant has the intrinsic strengths and motivations to succeed in the roleAccording to Psychology Today, about 80% of Fortune 500 companies use personality tests to assess potential candidates during the hiring process. Many companies rely on personality tools to assist in making better hiring and developmental decisions.

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Helpful Tips to Improve Fleet Operations

By Emilie Worsham, Omnitracs

After two days of excellent conversations the main take away for people trying to improve fleet operations is time efficiency. The general feeling is that most people are quick to blame ELD for fewer miles per month for drivers, but some feel like it goes back further than that.

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The Importance of Orientation and Training

By Dr. Gina Anderson, an expert in the instructional design and learning field and the CEO of Luma

Dr. Gina Anderson, an expert in the instructional design and learning field and the CEO of Luma, spoke at the WIT conference on how a one-sized approach to orientation does not work for everyone.  She also led two round-table discussions on the importance of orientation and training.

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Dedicated Systems Hosts Girl Scout Event

By Jennifer Hintz, Dedicated Systems Inc/Dedicated Repair Inc.

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How to Say “No” without Feeling Guilty

During the 2018 Accelerate! Conference & Expo, attendees experienced many opportunities to network and share challenges and best practices with one another. One of them being during the lunch roundtable discussions. Attendees shared ideas and experiences with other professionals who have a common interest in a specific topic of their choosing. The Opening Keynote speaker, Lois Barth, led one of these roundtable discussions and here are the 4 top gems that she has strung together from their lunch discussion:

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Mentoring Magic

By Laura Roan Hays, Branch Manager, Great Dane

I had the honor to be a facilitator at one of the round table discussions at the 2018 Accelerate! Conference. The topic was “the importance of mentoring in your career”. The discussion brought out many key points. One in particular is that in many cases, the younger generation simply don’t know how to ask someone to be their mentor. Typical communication methods have changed drastically. Mentors need to find ways to reach out even if they haven’t been asked. The mentee may be struggling and doesn’t know how to ask. Try sending a text or drop a quick e-mail because it’s possible the mentee may not open up if you ask them to come into your office for a discussion. 

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Why Women are the (Right) Answer to the Trucking Industry’s Driver Shortage

As the trucking industry struggles with how to solve the increasing driver shortage, many companies are taking a different approach to recruiting. The demographic pool is widening as organizations focus efforts on hiring veterans and recruiting young talent out of school, but there is one key demographic the industry is ignoring. According to data from Omnitracs, women account for only nine percent of drivers. The opportunities are endless when it comes to recruiting women truck drivers, but it doesn’t stop at just filling the driver’s seat. When you do the analysis, women are a proven asset to organizations, as female drivers have lower turnover rates, fewer accidents and more miles logged.  

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Personality Assessments: How They Can Revolutionize Your Hiring Process

By Mark Greenberg

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4 Ways to Increase Millennial Retention

“ least 40% of millennials see themselves staying at their current organization for a minimum of nine years.” - Jennifer Deal and Alec Levenson (2016)

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The Emergence of People Analytics

The demand for talent has been picking up for the past few years, perhaps to the degree that the balance of power has shifted from employer to employee. Employees are also becoming more mobile and willing to work as contracted specialists and independent consultants, a development that has compounded the challenges associated with hiring, engaging, and retaining staff.

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Otto Transfer Hosts Girl Scout Event

Seven Girl Scouts, ranging in age from 8 to 15, visited Otto Transfer in Delano, Minn., Thurs., Sept. 13 to learn about trucking from CEO Liz Morris Otto and CFO & Safety Director Kevin Otto. The girls learned about various careers in trucking, and particularly enjoyed seeing the inside a truck and getting behind the wheel. Older Girl Scouts with driving permits learned how to operate their vehicles safely around trucks while driving during a brief "Share the Road" session. All the Girl Scouts enjoyed hearing about Otto’s health program for its drivers, which includes a weekly delivery of organic produce grown in a garden at Otto’s headquarters -- and customized exercise YouTube videos that demonstrate how to use a truck to get fit. Finally, Liz and Kevin’s 16-year-old daughter, Eileen, shared how she contributes to the family business, including visiting the Minnesota Capitol to help advocate for state policies that help make Minnesota trucking businesses successful. 

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Engagement and Retention of High Potential Leaders

This is a true story: In a meeting at a popular technology company, the CEO and his team had just completed their annual talent review of up-and-coming leaders within the company. Retention of top talent was a high priority, and the CEO gave an example of “Joe,” a direct report of the Chief Operating Officer. The strategy included giving Joe a huge raise and assigning him to a high-visibility special project in addition to his demanding day job. The CEO stated that these actions would ensure Joe doesn’t become a flight risk. 

The problem is that such retention strategies often backfire and are contributing factors in the voluntary departure of high-potential leaders. Let’s examine why. 

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3 Practices of High-Performing Teams

In ancient mythologies from around the world, it’s common to find gods and monsters bearing multiple heads, and such beings are depicted as formidable and difficult to defeat. It turns out the ancient people were not just creative; they had good business sense too.

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7 Qualities of an Effective Personality Assessment

By Jacque Casoni

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