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The Missing Truck Driver Alert Network

Women In Trucking members Lee and Kari Fisher are owner operators. Kari is a wife/rider on the truck helping with all aspects of the job except for driving. A few years ago, a friend contacted Kari and told how her husband was missing on the road. Trying to help, Kari looked for anyone who assisted missing drivers’ families … there were none. Seeing a need and having the time available, Kari founded the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network (MTDN) in social media and online.

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Lifestyle Changes


Many women who enter trucking experience culture shock after they get on the road for the first time after school. Preconceived notions about trucking shatter as they realize the reality of the job and find that their lives change in many ways. Some adapt, some do not and quit before they get really started.

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Five-Point Checklist for Aspiring Expediters

You’re considering becoming an expediter to be your own boss, set your own schedule, see the country. Or, perhaps, you even dream of owning your own fleet of trucks in the future.

Whatever your ambitions, the expedite business is just that — a business — and that involves both risks and rewards.

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Having beautiful hair and nails while driving a truck can present many challenges, starting off mainly with lack of time. Many give up makeup when they become drivers. However, there are ways of wearing makeup and keeping one’s hair and nails beautiful by women truck drivers that do not require a large amount of time.

Cindy Kaps

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