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My Year as the Influential Woman in Trucking

Ask Angela: How was your year as the Influential Woman In Trucking?

This opportunity allowed me to meet many amazing people. I was able to travel and speak at conferences - helping promote diversity in the industry. I met people who have dedicated their lives to trucking and those just thinking about starting a career. It's an exciting time to join a fleet, purchase your first rig or venture off - starting a trucking or 3PL company of your own. The opportunities are out there and associations like WIT are here to answer questions and provide support and connections.

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Combating Negative Stereotypes

Ask Angela: How do I combat the negative stereotypes?

I deal with many surprised reactions when I meet with rooms full of men to pitch my 3PL business. They typically don’t expect to see a woman professionally dressed, in heels, ready to negotiate logistics contracts.  

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July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Ask Angela: What are your views on cell phone usage by commercial drivers? 

This is a very important question. Different states have different laws for non-commercial drivers, so following the law isn't a satisfactory answer. As the number of distracted driving accidents and casualties grow so does the list of states that prohibit texting and hand-held device usage for all drivers.

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How Important is Experience When Searching for Jobs in Trucking and Logistics?

Ask Angela: How important is experience when searching for jobs in trucking and logistics? Can I switch from an unrelated industry into transportation?  

Absolutely! The opportunities for employment in trucking and logistics are great right now. Having experience is a definite bonus and will enable you to negotiate if you have a clean driving record and strong references.  
If you don’t have much experience, don’t let that dissuade you. If you want to be a driver make sure you get the necessary licenses - and then apply and negotiate. In my world of logistics, the number of qualified applicants is much lower than it used to be because the need is so great. Because of this AGT Global Logistics has started an internship and onboarding program. Interns are given a comprehensive core training that exposes them to multiple areas within our business. They shadow members of our team and learn the AGT way. 

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How to Manage a Family/Work Life Balance

Ask Angela: What do you recommend to a woman who is a mother and wants to work in the transportation industry? How did you manage family and job when starting out? 

This is a tough one. There never seems to be enough time in the day. Sometimes when there doesn’t seem to be many options - you make things happen. I started my logistics company  as a single mother of 4 boys. This was not easy, but with support from my family, kids and then future husband I kept moving forward.  

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Ask the Influential Woman in Trucking - Driver to Freight Broker

Ask Angela: How do I transition from being a driver to becoming a freight broker/agent?

This is a great question. It is smart thinking about how you can take the skills you've learned as a trucker and use them in another area of the industry. As a driver, you already understand many of the challenges drivers face. This will give you a unique perspective when fitting the carriers into jobs. If possible, get a job at a brokerage company first to learn and understand all aspects of what a broker does. There are larger companies nationally that offer to train you for the position. Keep in mind that this usually requires a work-commitment for a certain amount of time.  My advice is to research both options and see which might be a better fit for your life.

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Ask the Influential Woman in Trucking - How to Get Started


Ask Angela: How do I get started in trucking?

This question has many different answers. First, where do you live? Do you want to be a long hauler or do you need to stay local? If you are just starting out, the first thing is to get your CDL. Search your area truck driving schools or enroll in a truck driving program. Are there trucking schools near where you live?

The first option to obtain your CDL is truck driving school. Usually, you need to pay for truck driving schools ahead of time. Many community colleges and tech schools offer training for a Class A commercial driver’s license. Call or visit your local school to see if they offer a program. If paying for the opportunity ahead of time is an issue, there are scholarships available. Women In Trucking offers several scholarships through their foundation. To find out more visit their scholarships information page -

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