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Denied Access

At one time or another any trucker may end up having to pick up or deliver at a high security facility; requirements vary as to the type of facility. For instance, to enter a nuclear facility, a trucker’s company will usually have to send in a copy of the driver’s CDL prior to delivery. If this is not done or the facility has not received it, access will be denied until they do get it and can run it through security.

I routinely deliver to an ammunitions plant run by the United States Army. Upon arrival, I have to report to the visitor’s center and present my bills and my CDL. Since I have been there previously, I am in their system so it does not take long; however, the first time took about ten minutes for them to check my name against the terrorist watch list and wants and warrants list. Anyone found on the terrorist watch list or is a wanted felon will be denied access.

After receiving my photo ID badge, my truck is searched from stem to stern, inside and out (yes, they go through my cabinets). They are looking for explosive devices of course, but also a whole list of other items. This list is fairly standard at high security locations.

  • cameras or other device with photo or video taking capability excluding cell phones
  • binoculars
  • firearms whether permitted by home state or not
  • ammunition for said firearm
  • knives with a blade length of over four inches
  • fireworks and incendiary/explosive devices including flame producing devices
  • bladed or impact weapons including brass knuckles or similar devices
  • alcoholic beverages and/or illegal/illicit drugs and no one may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • any other weapons including aerosol restraints such as mace, tear gas, pepper spray or electronic immobilization weapons such as stun guns or tasers or martial arts weapons

If you are in possession of some of the items, such as laptop or a taser, you can take them in and they will be put in a locker until you are ready to leave. Tell the security personnel up front you have them. If you are under the influence or are in possession, you will not be allowed to enter at all.

The security guards are serious about their jobs, though usually very courteous. However, if you become belligerent with them during the security search or check in, you will not fare well, nor will your load get picked up or delivered by you, you will be denied access.

If you have any questions about whether you will be finding issues in accessing a high security facility, it never hurts to give them a call prior to going in and find out if there will be a problem. For example, you have a recent felony conviction. If you are up front with the guards when you do go in about anything you might have that is not allowed, you will find you will be approved for access which is much better than being denied when they find it.

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