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Critters … In Your Fuel

Your truck is not running well, power is off, it is not idling smoothly, you are clogging fuel filters? What is wrong? It could be critters in your fuel. What, you ask, critters in diesel fuel? How can that be?

Algae in the fuel and other microbes have been a problem for decades, though rarer than in today’s trucking world. In the past, sulfur, naturally occurring in diesel fuel, kept the critters at bay. It is thought by experts that the ultra-low sulfur fuel sold today encourages the growth of algae and other microbes in fuel systems.

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Having beautiful hair and nails while driving a truck can present many challenges, starting off mainly with lack of time. Many give up makeup when they become drivers. However, there are ways of wearing makeup and keeping one’s hair and nails beautiful by women truck drivers that do not require a large amount of time.

Cindy Kaps

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Truck drivers are a sub-culture to normal society. We have our own language, we do not work nor live to the same schedules as folks who stay at home, and we live in the public eye. One of the most difficult things a new driver faces is adapting to the lifestyle of trucking.

Individuals entering trucking have culture shock, as they may not be able to shower every day, and do not have the luxuries of being able to access facilities at home or at times anywhere, every time they are needed. The new driver hears other truckers speaking and do not know what a ‘binder’ is or some other word or term that they have never heard before. Or that it is hard to live in an eight by eight box 24/7. Probably the hardest to deal with is the loneliness as they adjust to being away from friends and loved ones, some for the first time in their life.

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