Learning Labs

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Monday & Tuesday
New this year, conference attendees will have the opportunity to quickly learn practical tips and best practices during these 25-minute sessions in three categories: Health, Safety, and Sales & Marketing:

"Trucks, Technology, Talent: How Technology is Bringing New Drivers to the Industry"
Monday, Nov.12, 2:45pm - 3:10pm

Technology is changing trucking, making it easier to manage and grow their businesses – attracting new, more diverse drivers to the industry. Tools like Convoy give carriers more control over their business and help them share their feedback in a way that makes the industry better for everyone. Learn how:

  • To use the new technology in the trucking industry to grow your business
  • To use technology to improve the industry at large
  • Technology can help to recruit/attract new drivers
Presenter: Jennifer Wong, Head of Marketing, Convoy

“Dealing with Sleep Apnea” (Safety Learning Lab)

Monday, Nov. 12, 3:15pm - 3:40pm

Sleep apnea can be a major issue for professional drivers and impact their performance and quality of life. But there are options for treatment and ways to deal with ADA accommodations to ultimately generate health care cost savings. Attend this Learning Lab to discover when oral appliances can be a treatment option, best practices for testing and treatment programs, and ways to impact accident and health care costs.

Presenters: Jill Glenn, President, and Bob Stanton, Driver Liaison, Dedicated Sleep

“Managing Diabetes on the Road” (Health Learning Lab)
Tuesday, Nov. 13, 11am - 11:25am

This Learning Lab will provide an educational overview of the risks involved in not managing an individual’s diabetes on or off the road. Attend to learn:

  • Common risk factors for diabetes
  • How drivers are at risk for diabetes more than the national average
  • The importance of testing blood sugar on the road

Presenter: Tom Milam, President, and Kay Pfeiffer, Vice President of Business Development, TrueLifeCare

“Tips to Keep Drivers Healthy and On The Road” (Health Learning Lab)
Tuesday, Nov. 13, 11:30am - 11:55am

This seminar will provide tips to help drivers be prepared for their DOT physical exam. The discussion will include recommended time tables, proper preparation for drivers who have medical problems, where and how to find out what a driver may need, as well as things to remember on the day of the exam. Specific recommendations will be made for the top three reasons leading to delays: hypertension, diabetes and sleep apnea.

Presenter: David Thorpe, President, Pass My Physical

“Digital Marketing for the Trucking Industry” (Marketing Learning Lab)
Tuesday, Nov. 13, 3:30pm - 3:55pm

Digital marketing is changing at lightning speed how to generate new leads for business growth and recruit new professional drivers. This session will provide you with insights on how analytics, social media and digital advertising channels can transform your business results.

Presenter: Korina Velasco, Marketing Manager, Right Weigh Load Scales