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June 2016 • Annette Womack

Annette Womack

Annette is a professional driver for Giant Food and was recently named the 2015 Maryland Motor Truck Association Driver of the Year. The first time in the association’s history, which was created in 1935, that a woman was awarded the honor.

Annette’s truck driving career began over thirty years ago when her father introduced her to his friend. The friend owned a trucking company and taught Annette to drive. She now has over 1.7 million safe driving miles.

Awards and recognition are becoming more and more common for Annette. She has already won numerous company awards over her twenty years with Giant Food. In fact, she won the Presidential Award four times. “The Presidential award is given to the very best employees of the company,” said Joe Urban, V.P. Giant Food. Annette was also named the 2014 Giant’s Driver of the Year. Annette is on the safety committee, on the accident review board, and a driver trainer for Giant Food as well. She also started “Transportation News” for the company. This allows for safety issues at stores and distribution centers to be reported to Giant’s management team.

Annette also competes in the Giant’s Truck Rodeo and was Grand Champion in 2010. She has managed to finish in the top five ever since.

Mentoring other drivers is also near and dear to Annette. She goes out of her way to help others whenever she can. In fact, she created a driver route book to help new Giant drivers get in and out of their facilities and stores. With 169 stores, it took Annette 11 months to write the book. She did it on her own time, using her own money. The route guide cost Annette $435 to write. “I want the new drivers to have this book to help them. It’s all about the future,” she said.

Lending a helping hand is second nature to Annette. Whether it is helping dig out Giant trailers during a blizzard to allow goods to be delivered or dousing a stranger’s smoldering pick-up engine before it catches fire, Annette is willing to jump in and do the right thing.

Annette loves the trucking industry and her employer, Giant Food. She is thrilled with the career that she has had and encourages other women to join in. “This is an amazing industry and truck driving can be a lucrative career. Women can make an incredible living out here,” she said.

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