Ellen Tallieu

Erin Tallieu was named 2018 May Member of the Month by the Women In Trucking Association. Erin is the owner and managing partner of Motherload Transport Services Inc. in Nanaimo, BC. 

As a child, Erin observed her own mother forge ahead in the male-dominated transportation industry, which left an indelible impression on her. By entering the industry at a young age herself, Erin experienced first-hand the unique challenges and barriers faced by women in trucking. “As a young, female leader in the industry, I believe I am uniquely positioned to inspire change,” she said. 

Since taking on the role of Chief Operations Officer at Motherload Transport in 2013, Erin has not only doubled annual revenues, but nurtured a close-knit corporate culture within her all-female team. “At Motherload Transport we’re committed to safe, ethical work practices for ourselves and the companies we align with. In turn, we’ve developed a reputation for quality and exceptional service,” she said. Erin was recently named as a winner of the Top 20 Under 40 Business & Community Achievement Awards, which recognizes her dedication to both business and community service.  

Erin was recently named to the newly formed Canadian WIT Image Team. “I look forward to encouraging other women to not only enter the field, but to strive for great things,” she said. “As a business leader and mentor, I approach everything with sincere enthusiasm. It is an honour to lend my voice to the Canadian Image Team of Women In Trucking, an organization that truly speaks to my heart and mirrors my values.”

By highlighting the challenges in the industry and by nurturing a supportive community from within, Erin is confident in positive change. She is a passionate advocate for the trucking industry and believes that women can and should maintain a powerful presence.

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