Olivia Dorgan

Olivia Dorgan was named 2018 January Member of the Month by the Women In Trucking Association. Olivia works in Business Development for LoadDocs.

Olivia was the first person in her family to graduate from college. Both of her parents worked their entire lives to give her opportunities that they didn't have. They worked their way to the top, started their own respective businesses and still managed to give tirelessly to their communities and children. 

Because of this, Olivia went into college with the mindset to be practical with her degree and complete it as quickly as possible. She double majored in International Business and Spanish and completed the degree in four years, taking summer classes three out of the four years to do it. 

Upon graduation, she still had no idea what she wanted to do when it came to a specific job or industry. What she did know was that her student loan payments were going to start in six months and that was all the motivation she needed to lock something down. 

“I was the prime example of ‘you don't know what you don't know’ when it came to trucking and logistics,” said Olivia. “If it hadn't been for a less-than-stellar first job experience right out of college I might never have forayed into the industry.”

Olivia started with C.H. Robinson in 2013 as a carrier sales representative. Her first day on the sales floor, she was asked to pick up the phone and start calling on the most difficult-to-cover freight in the office. She was hooked. She loved the pace, having to negotiate and re-negotiate, problem-solving, and the fact that no minute or day was like the rest. Most of all though, she loved the accountability. As a broker, she was in a unique position to either maintain the status quo or to forge a new path based on trust and understanding. She chose the latter. 

“Toward the end of my time at C.H. Robinson, however, I was feeling more like an operations rep than a sales rep for the amount of time spent tracking down paperwork from the road. I knew my carriers were just as frustrated as I was with the lack of access to quality technology,” she said.

With LoadDocs, she has had the unique opportunity to remain in the industry and solve issues that she and her carriers dealt with on a daily basis. “Now, I'm helping both carriers and brokers improve their processes surrounding documents which directly impacts their visibility and cash flow,” she said. 

“This industry has so many facets and I've only had the pleasure of seeing a few but the relationships I've built throughout my time are unlike any other. I'd like to thank Women In Trucking for all that they've done to bring more women into an industry that desperately needs them,” she added.

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