Rebecca Yoder (right) and mother, Lynne Cover (left)

Rebecca Yoder was named July Member of the Month by the Women In Trucking Association. Rebecca is President of Elite Service, Inc., a nationwide flatbed and specialty carrier located in Pennsylvania.

Rebecca’s mother, Lynne is the company’s owner. In 2011, Lynne completed breast cancer treatments. As part of that 26-week treatment, she underwent four surgeries and 26 chemotherapy treatments and 34 radiation treatments, yet still managed to miss only three days of work. Rebecca says her mother’s outlook and faith continue to be an inspiration to her, the family and the company’s employees.

Upon completion of Lynne’s breast cancer treatments in 2011, Rebecca and her husband, Ron Yoder, had a truck painted and decaled to honor the perseverance of her mother. Financed through PACCAR Financial, the Model 389 Breast Cancer Awareness Truck has become the company’s most recognized truck.

“We take pride in the trucks we operate and we like the fact that our trucks make a statement to our drivers, to our customers and to the community about the kind of company we operate, the kind of employer we want to be and the things that are important to us,” says Rebecca. Like Elite did with its Model 389 Breast Cancer Awareness Truck, the company encourages drivers to come up with ideas for honoring family members who have served in the military or for recognizing causes that are near and dear to their hearts.

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