January 2017 • Shawna Froehlich

Shawna Froehlich

Shawna Froehlich was named the January Member of the Month by the Women In Trucking Association. In February, 2016 she completed training and joined the Dart Network as an over-the-road professional truck driver.

This career, she said, "has given me the ability to pay my bills, help out my three kids and grandson, and the freedom to make my own schedule."

Being on the road can be tough, especially for mothers.  "It can be challenging to be out on the road for so long, away from loved ones, but I carefully plan out my home time so I spend as much quality time with friends and family as possible."

Confidence and a winning attitude keep Shawna going.  "It is not always easy to be a woman in trucking," she says.  "Sometimes people tell me I am not good enough to do my job. At times they can be hard to ignore. However, I have great friends, mentors and supporters that keep me motivated and encouraged. Having a community has given me the strength and guidance I need to feel confident in my own ability as a woman trucker."

As a member of Women In Trucking Association, one of Shawna's goals is to mentor others who are new to trucking.  "There is never a shortage of opportunities out on the road to help and support other drivers."

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