Susie De Ridder

Susie De Ridder (Lyons) was named June Member of the Month by the Women In Trucking Association. Susie, a Fredericton, New Brunswick-based company driver with Armour Transportation Systems, knew from an early age what she wanted to be when she grew up. Even as a little girl riding along with her truck-driver dad, there was no question that driving a truck is what she was cut out for.

There’s never been a day that Susie has regretted her career choice. It’s not all sunshine and roses, but Susie takes the big-picture view. “Sure, I’ve had my share of bad deliveries and I’ve made a wrong turn or two, but I always look ahead to positive. After all, out of the thousands of days and the millions of miles I’ve driven, what’s one bad day?”

In 2015 she won the People’s Choice award in WIT’s I Heart Trucking contest for her photograph entitled “Susie tearing up the blacktop from coast to coast” and her “Trucks are for GIRLS” entry was first runner up last year.

Trucks Are For GIRLS

"Trucks Are For GIRLS”

In addition to being a WIT member, Susie is the Atlantic Canada board representative for the Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada. 

She takes every opportunity she can to encourage women to consider a trucking career, especially young women as they begin to make career choices. She recently wowed students at her old alma mater when she accompanied her company’s recruiting staff to FHS’s career fair, and there’s nothing she loves more than promoting the industry at Touch-A-Truck events and truck shows.

Her advice to new drivers? Do your research and find a forward-thinking company to work for, one who trains and mentors its drivers, understands the importance of work-life balance and shares drivers’ safety concerns, for both equipment and personal well-being. “Communication is key,” says Susie. “Find a company you can talk to, whether it’s about your equipment or the kind of freight you’re hauling, or perhaps a suggestion you have to smooth out a problem. The smart companies will listen to the ideas you bring from the road to make the job better for everyone.” 

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