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One-Size-Orientation Fits All? Our Brain Doesn't Say So! 

Looking for ways to make your orientation and onboarding more effective and efficient? Explore learning preferences in the trucking industry and how training needs to be differentiated based on the audience, task and working environment. This session will provide practical tips that are grounded in learning science that you can incorporate into your own orientation and onboarding processes.

Dr. Gina Anderson

About the Presenters: Dr. Gina Anderson brings more than 20 years in the education field and has been working with in the trucking industry for six. Gina holds a Doctor of Education in Instructional Systems Technology with a minor in Learning Science from Indiana University. She holds a Master of Science in Education with high distinction from the University of Dayton. Gina is the CEO of Luma, an instructional design and learning company that studies drivers' learning preferences to provide customized training solutions for carriers.