2019 Conference Sessions

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Monday, September 30 | 2:45-3:30pm

Shifting Gears: Trends/Best Practices in the New Age of Recruiting

It’s no secret: The industry is battling a talent shortage that poses challenges for recruiters and supply chain managers alike. When the demand for goods outpaces the availability of drivers for delivery, what is the business (and consumer) impact? Erica Pepe, Recruitment Evalgelist, Employer Insights with Indeed, will provide the latest trends in truck driver recruitment from labor market experts at Indeed.com, and then will explain how companies are creatively growing and engaging the candidate pool of these hard-to-fill roles. Then Wendy Bartz, Recruiting Services Director at DriverReach, will explain how to create a better applicant experience. You’ll learn how to provide impactful human interactions from the very beginning, and how to utilize simple, modern technology to support your efforts.

About the Presenters

Erica Pepe has nearly 10 years experience in the recruiting and HR field. She currently is Recruitment Evangelist, Employer Insights with Indeed, the #1 global job search engine available with more than 250 million unique visitors per month. Her role in this capacity is to be the go-to person for telling the company's story to the market, and helps companies better understand online search and how to optimize their recruiting practices. 

Wendy Bartz is the Recruiting Services Director at DriverReach and enjoys the daily challenge of recruiting professional drivers. Since beginning her transportation career in 1997, she’s held a variety of positions including coordinating student driver training to executive leadership of driver recruiting efforts. That broad experience over 20 years taught Wendy how to tailor marketing efforts to highlight the value in a carrier’s job openings, which has translated into a proven track record of successfully driving capacity goals at both large and small carriers. Wendy leads the recruiting services at DriverReach from a foundation of practical knowledge, diverse experience, and continuing education and process refinement, spearheading dynamic efforts to successfully recruit and qualify drivers. When Wendy is not at work, she enjoys time with her two teenaged children.

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