2018 Conference Sessions

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“The Triple D Method to Decision-Making”
Are you trying to be all things to all people? This method takes you out of the passenger seat of "yes to others" and "no to you" and into the driver seat of "Hell Yes!" using a 3-step process.

Source: People pleasing tendencies. Not wanting to disappoint people by saying no. Desire to be “The Nice Girl or Guy.” Seeking of Likeability.

Symptoms: Burnout. Overloaded schedule. Triple bookings.  Feeling of being taken advantage of. Plays roles that don’t suit skillset. Feeling of being helpful, but helpless. May suffer from reoccurring colds or illness.

Remedy: The Triple D Method to Time Management. All decisions will be based on the following three criteria:

  1. Doability: Can it be done with the current resources (time, skill, and manpower) as requested? If no, see “Delegatability.” If yes, see “Desirability.”
  2. Desirability: Does this feel like a treat or punishment? If it’s a treat, get it done! If it’s a punishment, see “Delegability” or use the power of “No.”
  3. Delegatability: Can this task realistically be performed by someone other than you?  If yes, delegate away. If no, and it failed the “Desirability” and “Doability,” that’s a “Triple D Fail.”

Attend this session to:

  • Learn the Triple D Method
  • Identify Signs and Areas of Burnout and Overload
  • Create a Strategy for Decision Making
  • Learn Strategies of Saying "No" without Saying the Word.

Lauren LeMunyan

Presenter: Lauren LeMunyan is a certified business and life coach based in Washington, DC. Lauren works with creative and energetic business leaders who are looking for structure, balance and a trusted resource to develop ideas and strategies. Her entrepreneurial-spirited clients are represented in the tech, apparel, media, design, nonprofit and fitness industries. In addition to private coaching, Lauren hosts a weekly small business-focused show, The SpitFire Podcast, facilitates The SpitFire Circle,  a monthly group coaching meet up for busy professionals, and  recently published and released her first book "Spitting Fire: Your Guide to Reignite and Maintain Your Passion at Home, Work and Beyond." Fun fact: Lauren has a bluegrass rapping alter ego, JRSY FRSH, who shared the stage with Wyclef Jean.