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Accelerate! Truck & Technology Tour

Innovative hardware and software features can be plugged into today’s trucks that offer advantages in fleet and trucking operations. Features range from microturbine-electric hybrid drive systems, trailers made of lightweight carbon fiber, and platooning trucks to dynamic routing, 360-degree vehicle video technology, collision mitigation, electronic logging devices and equipment tracking. See some of the latest technologies tour on Tuesday, Nov. 13 3:45-5:30pm, including:

Freightliner Truck’s commitment to innovation helps the new Cascadia maximize productivity and profitability by advancing quality focused design. With the sleek and stylish new body, the Cascadia’s unique look and newly designed interior demands a second glance.

Autobon Co-Pilot product is an advanced driver assistance system comprised of various state-of-the-art sensors and hardware that assists new drivers in more sophisticated and realistic ways, and provides them feedback and training. Co-Pilot also will allow drivers to be able to deliver twice as many loads in the span of a year through the use of autopilot.

The Peterbilt Model 579 UltraLoft delivers numerous interior driver-centric features, improved PACCAR MX-13 performance and an enhanced transmission in a fuel-efficient combination of performance and technology. Peterbilt’s combination of aerodynamics and fuel-efficient power provides a lower total cost of ownership for any fleet. With fuel economy optimization software, Peterbilt’s technological advancements provide the optimal balance of fuel efficiency and fleet performance.

ZF's ReAX Electrically Assisted Steering is groundbreaking technology that improves efficiency and steering performance when traveling at any speed. Providing lower effort requirements at low speeds (e.g., docking, coupling and in-yard operations), and providing firm on center performance at higher speeds. ReAX enables a safer driving experience, with greater driver comfort and reduced fatigue, and provides several other benefits: steering automatically returns to center, compensation for road crown and cross wind, integration with camera systems for lane keeping functions, and enabling a larger recruiting pool of drivers through enhanced ease of operation. Experience ReAX for yourself at the Truck Tour and can get behind the wheel of a truck and drive in a Figure 8 in the Texas Rough Riders parking lot. It’s a short walk, but rides are available. 

Autobon AI

Accelerate Truck Tour with Autobon AI, 2017