Women In Trucking Foundation

Forwarding the Future

The Women In Trucking Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that supports ambitious students, drivers, and professionals in the trucking industry who seek to grow their skills through classroom and vocational training. We are a community of corporations, foundations and individuals who value professional development in the trucking industry and are committed to seeing it grow.


We raise funds for scholarships, evaluate applications, and distribute funds to schools to ensure that women in the trucking industry have the support they need to grow their skills and themselves. In turn, the trucking industry benefits from a diverse and well-trained workforce that has continuous opportunities for development.

There are a variety of easy ways for anyone to help the WIT Foundation. Whether it's donating an item for auction, publicizing scholarships to students, or making a direct donation, all support is warmly welcomed. Whether you're a driver, a CEO, a student, or a foundation, you CAN make a difference in the lives of others.

Interested in supporting the Women in Trucking Foundation or learning more?

There are many ways to help support the mission of the WIT Foundation. We depend on the generosity and vision of individuals, foundations and corporations to fund scholarship awards.