2018 Conference Sessions

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Pre-Conference Self-Defense Workshop: “Let No One Confuse Your Kindness as Weakness”

Are you longing for a simple safety message that cuts through the non-sense of complicated self-defense tactics and fear-based safety tips? Are you ready to replace nagging “worry” with absolute certainty that if challenged, you and your family members (in your absence) know exactly how to save yourselves - even if an attacker is intoxicated/drugged and armed?

Rooted in the Power of ‘L’ove, learn (and engage in optional, light practice) an explicit 3-word Safety Plan that rapidly teaches:

  • Inner-Fear Control (for surviving any crisis, not just crime)
  • Clever Crime Prevention (size-up & stop trouble fast—be a step ahead)
  • One Sentence Self-Defense Law (know exactly WHEN you can strike)
  • One best place to strike (regardless of your age, strength, size, etc.)
  • One additional response (to survive attacker ARMED with gun or knife)
  • Exact legal justification phrase (to state to recorded 9-1-1 operator)
  • Use of everyday items as effective defense weapons (you already own)


Debbie Gardner

About the Presenters: Survive Institute’s Founders & “Courage Coaches” Debbie and Mike Gardner are fun, motivational speakers/authors who teach explicit crime survival skills, drawing upon their personal mistakes and successes from their law enforcement careers. They have traveled the world teaching their new approach to the timely subject of self-defense—daring to replace traditional safety teachings with the radical belief that “LESS is more, when less is RIGHT” and everything you need—you already have! Rave Reviews Guaranteed