Elevating women for the benefit of business, the prosperity of the economy, and the betterment of society. Behind every woman is a circle of other women who have her back. By working together, we all rise, and our voices become even stronger.

This session will give you insights on how to elevate the women in your circle:

  • Build your circle. Reach your hand out to other women they need you as much as you need them.
  • Prioritize self-building and relationship building by scheduling it in your calendar. Seek advice from your trusted female friends.
  • Use your voice: if you see a co-worker doing a great job call out the credit to the entire room, and then send a note to their boss.
  • Listen to her story – Share your experiences with each other; work through the issues together to find the best solutions. Engage in meaningful conversations and use your abilities to make a change.
lori-heino-royer luann-abrams

Presented by Lori Heino-Royer, Ambassador, CEOX and Luann Abrams, CEO, CEOX

Lori Heino-Royer is Ambassador for CEOX, a firm that connects highly qualified CEO-ready candidates to CEO roles. A former executive at Daimler Trucks North America, Heino-Royer has more than 15 years of vertical growth in operations, finance, and business leadership as a key innovator and design thinker. She excels at driving continuous process improvements, business modeling, and problem-solving to realize organizational goals and transformative results. She is an expert in strategic planning for enterprise-wide projects, building teams and programs, and collaborating with executives and industry partners to align operations with organizational goals.

Luann Abrams is CEO of CEOX. Her career journey started in aerospace engineering where she gained years of experience in the aircraft industry. After taking some time to decompress from a high-intensity role, she began doing various consulting projects and ultimately joined a small venture fund as a partner where she worked in many different facets including deal flow, due diligence, finances, recruitment and business management. It is also in this role that she grew into being a fierce advocate for women. Once established with FoundersPad, Abrams helped build the Women in STEAM group that supports women in STEAM careers. She developed a mentorship program for STEAM professionals and started CEOX, which was born out of a culmination of her life's experience of being a woman in a world designed for men. It is a way to advocate for the incredibly talented and smart women that she is surrounded by and encounter every day.